Texas Progressive Executive Council

Texas Progressive Executive Council (TPEC) is a group of individual representatives from more than 20 local and national different and diverse communities based out of Harris and its surrounding counties. Alone, we each have a limited political voice, but united our collective opinions represent a substantial voting block in the greater Houston area. We strive to give the underrepresented and minority communities in our region a voice equal to that of the majority in the political process. We share the progressive ideas of inclusiveness and celebrate our diversity in making America stronger. We believe in the ideas of our constitution with equal rights of representation.

Each election, we vote internally to select our slate of candidates in many of the local races in Harris and Fort Bend Counties, and some statewide elections. Part of our mandate is to keep candidates accountable for the promises they voice during the political races. Once we have selected which candidates we will support, we organize and encourage constituents in our communities to vote for those candidates.